Webinar Series

It's time to step onto the Platform...a new series...


Join us for a series of new webinars covering a range of topics that will effect the way in which you do business.


Our first webinar featured Paul Boston, and Chris Skelhorn as they look to answer some of the key "How" questions one constantly asks about ones own business...

  • How can I reduce my operating / implementation costs?
  • How can I create more time to focus on revenue generating work?
  • How can I do this whilst ensuring my clients remain my key focus?
  • How can I deliver an enhanced client proposition and experience?

The full video of our first webinar is available to view here.


Our second webinar delves deeply into regulation as we look to provide guidance on how to navigate MiFID II compliance effectively whilst avoiding the numerous pitfalls.

The full video of our second webinar is available to view here.


Paul Forman hosts the show in our third webinar, along with Darren Moth as they break down all of the key information of our new International SIPP.

Find out… 

How to access what we believe to be the cheapest quarterly charged SIPP...and with NO establishment fee. After the webinar, why not take a look and compare us with your provider, we're sure you'll be surprised and delighted at our charges'. 

How to reduce pipeline lead times to an average of 28 days. 

How to take advantage of Novia's experience and expertise with ceding schemes

The full video of our third webinar is available to view here.