Secure Client web Portal

Our secure web portal allows clients to track all their investments held in the Novia Global Wealth Management Service. At the touch of a button it provides access to valuations and the detailed composition of portfolios.

As a secure, view-only online portal, our secure web is available wherever there is internet connectivity so clients are able to check on their investments at their convenience. The application resizes the display for use on mobiles, tablets and PCs and, by choosing to install the tile on the device, the service will be just one tap away. 

On logging in, clients will see a dashboard view on their home screen. It will show the total amount they hold in the Novia Global Wealth Management Service, the value of funds by Product (GIA or GRA) and the overall asset allocation by sector.

Selecting a Product will reveal its breakdown by the currency holding within it. It will be possible to investigate each of these further. Selecting a currency holding will show the funds it contains, the proportion of the sectors represented and their values. Charts will show movement in value for the currency holding and the money in and out of it over a 6 month period. By selecting “Transactions” a full list of all money movements, including charges, will be shown.

In addition, clients have access to a library of important documents about their use of the Service. These are available for download as PDF's.

To support efficient communication and the effective provision of advice, Advisers, Private Banks and Trust Companies are able to see the same information in the same format as their clients.