Structured Products

We will be making arrangements with highly respected institutions who offer a diverse range of structured products that aim to meet the objectives and attitudes of your clients. 

What are structured products?

Structured products are typically fixed term investments where the amount of return depends on the performance of a specific market or specific asset. There are two main types, structured deposits and structured investments.  Novia Global will offer access to both of these.

Structured deposits can only be offered by banks that are permitted to accept deposits. The capital is typically held for a fixed term.  Unlike a traditional savings account, the return is linked to the performance of another financial vehicle, such as a stock market index or an asset, and the amount due will be paid in a lump sum at maturity. The goal is to give Investors the opportunity to invest in the market whilst protecting their capital.

Structured investments typically combine two underlying investments; one to offer protection to the capital and one to provide the return. The amount of the latter will depend on how a specific asset or specific market performs against agreed criteria. The return is often taken as a lump sum after the fixed period but some structured investments may provide regular income. 

There are usually restrictions or prohibitions on accessing the original investment before the end of the fixed term.