Model Portfolio Manager

Our standalone Model Portfolio Management Tool (MPM) enables Advisers (with the appropriate discretionary powers), Private Banks, Trust Companies and Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs) to take full administrative control over their model portfolios, creating and managing them on line.

MPM is also linked to our other analysis tools so models can be researched at the point of construction. There is an instant submit, with no “overnight refresh” so model portfolios are usually able to be built and used within the hour.

In addition the tool also offers a number of other benefits to help save time and streamline administrative burdens:

  • Advisers, Private Banks and Trust Companies will be able to establish their own model portfolios or work with a DFM
  • It will be possible to establish an unlimited number of portfolios for different risk profiles for both Novia Global Products
  • MPM provides the choice of updating some or all clients within a model by one simple instruction
  • MPM has the functionality to synchronise all clients’ trades within a model portfolio. The single dealing point provides equality across clients