Discretionary Fund Managers

The Discretionary Fund Managers available through Novia Global and the tools to help you manage model portfolios

At Novia Global we recognise that there is a strong demand in the international investment market for intermediaries such as advisers and trust companies to delegate portfolio management responsibilities to specialist third party Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM).

Our DFM service has been established to enable intermediaries easy access to a range of DFMs through the platform. 

This allows clients to benefit from expert portfolio management and investment research capabilities enabling intermediaries and trust companies to focus on financial planning and understanding their client's needs and aspirations.

The choice of DFM and the charges paid to them remains an agreement between the client and intermediary. DFMs run their portfolios on the platform on behalf of intermediaries and receive, through the platform, a recurring investment management fee payable from the client’s cash facility.

Novia Global enables intermediaries and Discretionary Fund Managers to use the service in full to the benefit of clients. Discretionary Fund Managers can:

  • View a client's investments online at any time
  • Make investment decisions and carry out transactions for these clients quickly and efficiently
  • Use model portfolios to tailor investment solutions to suit clients
  • Be remunerated in a fair and transparent manner from the Cash Facility held within each Product